Cat Eyes – Andrew Marttila

A series of close-ups cat eyes photographs from the photographer Andrew Marttila. The color combinations in the photographs and the variety in the patterns are quite surprising.

Art, Photography

Ink- Alex Konahin

Alex Konahin is an illustrator from the Riga city of Latvia. He’s using ink for his drawings.


Rackets – Daniell Clough

Danielle Clough‘s racket series brings together old tennis, squash and badminton rackets with embroidery. Cape Town’s Clough takes this classic art form in a way that has never been seen before. The results are amazing and wonderful.


Character Of a City- Jakub Geltner

Czech artist Jakub Geltner, places surveillance cameras and satellite dishes on public areas. He has been working on the ‘Nest’ project since 2011 as an intervention in the character of a city.


Geometry and Patterns – Brendan Monroe

Brendan Monroe, Oakland California, is an artist who studies science to find references for his paintings and sculptures. He says it’s important to constantly question yourself with new ideas and new tools.